Jim Corbett National Park, ecstasy for the wildlife aficionados, remains open all throughout the year for the tourists from the Jhirna zone and Dhela zone. The center zone (gate) of the National park is Dhikala, which gets from 15 Nov. Dhikala Tourism Zone is open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June. The Bijrani zone becomes accessible from mid of October. The paths to Bijrani and Dhikala have washed away in the monsoon season and therefore, these zones remain closed in this season.

Winter (October to February): Tourists can take pleasure in the full jungle adventures in the winter. For sighting the tigers and birds, winter is an ideal time.

Summer (March to June): Summer is the best season for those who love to watch animals roaming around in the jungles.

Monsoon (July to September): This is the best time for the tourists who like the peaceful trekking and walking along with observing the diverse flora of the park. Jhirna and some other buffer zones remain open in this season.

15 Nov-15 June is the best time to visit so that a tourist can view the entire Jim Corbett National Park. The zones are closed at the sunset therefore no night driving is permitted inside Corbett.

Dhikala Tourism Zone is one of the most popular sought after tourist accommodation in Corbett Tiger Reserve. The herd of elephants and spotted deers pack the vast expanse of famous Dhikala Chaur. This is probably the best place in the Tiger Reserve to spot very rare Hog Deer.

Staying at Dhikala is an experience every wildlife enthusiast looks forward to. Dhangari gate is the entrance to the Dhikala zone. Dhangari gate is located 18 km away from Ramnagar while Dhikala Tourist Complex is located 32 Kms inside the Dhangari Gate. Dhikala is open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June. But remains inaccessible during Monsoon season. Dhikala tourist complex overlooks Ramganga Reservoir and is a perfect place to observe Crocodiles and Gharials basking in the banks of Ramganga.

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