CORBETT TOURISM ZONES : Best Entry Gate For Safari

The park is divided into six ecotourism zones for the ease of tourists. The safari zone is divided into six zones:
1: Dhikala
2: Bijrani
3: Jhirna
4: Sonanadi
5: Durgadevi
6: Dhela

The Dhikala Safari zone reopen from 15th of November every year, Durga Devi and Bijrani Zone from 15th of October where as Jhirna and Dhela remains open through the year The bijrani safari zones are famous for its grasslands and the elephant safari is conducted here. The safari is organized by the national sanctuary and theyemploy trained professionals to conduct the tour. The safaris are a great source of entertainment and they help us learn about the different animals and their habitats. For the convenience of visitors and streamlining tourism management Corbett Tiger Reserve has been divided into six mutually exclusive tourism zones, each having separate gate for entry. Visitor Season: 15 September to 30 June

Jhirna Zone

Jhirna tourist zone in Jim corbett national park is situated at 16 km. from Ramnagar. You have to obtain the permit issued by the Corbett Tiger Reserve before you proceed to Jhirna. This area is full of natural beauty and specially known for its wild beer which suddenly appears from nowhere near your vehicle. 30 Jeeps are allowed to get into this area in the morning and same number is allowed in the evening. For morning and evening safari advance booking is required. This is the only tourist zone in Jim Corebett National Park which is open for all 12 months. It’s compulsory to take a guide along. Jhirna has a forest lodge which has two rooms. You can stay the night here and go for a Jeep safari in the morning and afternoon. Visitor Season : Round the year

Durgadevi Zone

Durgadevi tourist zone in Jim corbett national park is farthest from Ramnagar at 28 km. This zone is a hilly area and is situated along the banks of Ramganga River. Besides looking at wildlife, you can also look at popular Mahasheer fish in the river waters. On your way you can halt at Dhangarhi museum. For the day visit, same rules are applicable here as those for Bijrani and Jhirna. Visitor Season: 15 November to 15 June

Bijrani Zone

Bijrani tourist zone in Jim corbett national park is the first choice among day tourists. Its entrance is at Aamdanda which is about 1 km. away from Ramnagar. After entering through Aamdanda gate, you cross about 5 km. of buffer zone before reaching Bijrani and jungle safari starts from this point. Bijrani is a beautiful spot and is known for its vast grass lands, deep forest, stormy drains and wild life. To visit this area, permission is granted by the Director, Corbett Tiger Reserve. Maximum 30 vehicles are allowed to travel into Bijrani during morning and same number of vehicles is allowed in the evening hours. For morning and evening safari advance booking is required. Bijrani has a forest lodge which has six rooms and a dormitory consisting of four beds. You can also take an elephant safari here. Visitor Season : 15 October to 30 June

Dhangari Gate (For Dhikala Entry)

Dhikala is the biggest forest zone in the Jim corbett national park and you enter this zone via Dhangarhi gate. You have to show your permit at the enterance gate and once it is checked then only you are authorise to enter the park. Once you are through the Dhangarhi gate, your corbett safari is on.Only those who have permit to stay overnight in the park are allowed to take the safari. You can stay for night in the park from one to three nights. It takes about one to one and half hour to reach forest lodge inside the park. On the way you will encounter dense Sal forests, look at Ramganga river and will across many monsoon-drenched drains. Touring by gypsy is not permitted in Dhikala during day time. However you can travel into this area by a Canter which takes in 16 passengers and starts off from Ramnagar in the morning and return to base in the afternoon. This tour is called as Ramganga conducted tour and is permitted by the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Visitor Season :15th November to 15 June

Dhela Zone

Dhela zone is famous for its wealthy flora and fauna. It has mixed forests such as Saal, Rohini, Bahera, Haldu, Jamun, Kusum etc. The main wild animals of this zone are Tigers, Leopard, Asiatic Elephant, and Sloth Bears, Barking Deer, Chital Deer, Sambhar Dear, Wild Boar, Langoor and many others. More than 10 species of reptiles and around 400 species of birds are found inside this zone. Visitor Season : Round the year

Sitabani Zone

Corbett Landscape tourist zone is under forest department or tiger reserve. In Corbett Landscape, there is no limitation of vehicle. It's a famous zone for Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Dears, Jackal, Wild Boar, Birds, Reptiles and many other animals, but its depend on your beautiful luck. Only permitted vehicles can take a wild trek inside the forest. Corbett Landscape known for a Sitabani temple and beautiful river. We can take some rest in river bank and see the reptiles. Morning and evening is the timing of safaris. When all the zones of CTR are full then we choose this zone for safaris. Corbett national park authority not issue permit for this. Corbett Landscape forest department issue the slip for this safari. Sitabani finds mention in a great Indian epic, the Ramayana. It is believed that in the Valmiki temple, Sita, wife of Lord Ram, spent her days stranded in exile and was supposedly absorbed by the earth. Tourists can enjoy gypsy safari and elephant safari but it is essential to take a permit from the forest department. Scenic view of this part of the forest calls many tourists again and again. Visitor Season: Round the year

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